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How to Prepare for Summer Move?

Published In : 29-05-2024

Careful planning is necessary when relocating in the summer in Newport Beach, especially when hiring reputable Newport Beach residential moving companies. It’s critical to check movers in Newport Beach early on to make sure they are reliable and available during the peak moving season. This will help to ensure a smooth transition. Reputable movers should be given priority in order to reduce the possibility of delays or other issues and create the conditions for a seamless moving experience.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for a summer move, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to your new home

1. Start Planning Early.

  • Secure Your Moving Date: It’s important to reserve your movers as soon as you know your relocation date because the summer is the busiest season for moving businesses. Aim for at least two months’ notice when booking your moving services to guarantee availability and possibly even better prices. For example, Coast Valley Moving & Storage provides a range of services that can be customized to match your unique requirements.
  • Develop a Moving Timeline: You can stay organized and make sure that no things are missed by making a thorough timeline. List every important step first, including calling a moving company, packing, and alerting your landlord or real estate agent. Assign due dates to each task and divide them up into smaller, more manageable ones.

2. Budgeting for Your Move

  • Estimate Costs: Moving may be costly, particularly in the busiest times of the year. Make a thorough budget to prevent unforeseen costs. Add the price of moving supplies, packing supplies, transportation, and any necessary interim housing. It’s also a good idea to put money away in a contingency reserve for unforeseen costs.
  • Get Quotes from Movers: To obtain quotes, get in touch with a few moving companies. Don’t forget to inquire about any additional costs that may not have been mentioned in the original quote. You can locate a service that satisfies your needs and matches your budget by comparing estimates.

3. Declutter and Downsize

  • Assess Your Belongings: Making a move is a great time to evaluate your needs. Sort your belongings into four categories: keep, donate, sell, and discard after going through each room. By drastically lowering the number of goods to be moved, this method can save both time and money. While you’re decluttering your home, think about giving lightly used items to neighborhood shelters or organizations.
  • Host a Garage Sale: If you have a lot of items that are still in good condition but no longer needed, consider hosting a garage sale. This can help you declutter and earn some extra cash to offset moving expenses. Alternatively, you can sell items online through platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Remember to advertise your sale in advance and price items competitively to attract buyers.

4. Gather Packing Supplies

  • Essential Packing Materials: Ensure you have all necessary packing supplies before you start packing. These include:
  • Boxes: Various sizes for different items.
  • Tape: Strong packing tape to secure boxes.
  • Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper: For protecting fragile items.
  • Markers and Labels: For labeling boxes.
  • Furniture Covers and Blankets: To protect large items during transit.

Don’t forget to stock up on additional packing materials like scissors, box cutters, and packing peanuts to ensure you have everything you need for a smooth packing process.

  • Eco-Friendly Choices: When packing, think about utilizing eco-friendly materials to lessen your influence on the environment. Biodegradable packing peanuts and recycled boxes are excellent choices. Towels and blankets that you already own can also be used to wrap breakable objects. This will not only save trash but also assist make a more sustainable and greener decision.

5. Packing Strategies

  • Label Clearly: Indicate on each box what’s inside and which room in your new house it belongs to. Unpacking will be considerably simpler and more organized as a result. To further streamline the procedure, you may optionally color-code the boxes according to the rooms. To make it easier to find stuff when unpacking, you might also think about producing a master inventory list to keep track of all your boxes and their contents.
  • Pack an Essentials Box: Pack a box with items you’ll need immediately upon arrival at your new home. This should include toiletries, a change of clothes, essential kitchen items, important documents, and any medications. Having these items easily accessible will help you settle in without rummaging through all your boxes.

6. Take Care of Utilities and Address Changes

  • Move or Discontinue Utilities: To arrange for the connection at your new residence and the disconnection at your existing one, get in touch with your utility companies. This covers cable, internet, gas, water, and power. By doing this ahead of time, you can be confident that you won’t lose access to necessary services while moving.
  • Revise Your Address: Change your address with major organizations such as credit card companies, banks, post office, and others. Remember to let your loved ones and friends know as well. This makes it more likely that the right address will receive your products and mail.

7. Prepare for the Heat

  • Maintain Hydration: It can be physically taxing to move, particularly during the summer. Water should be consumed in large quantities during the procedure. Have water bottles on hand for both you and any helpers that may be needed during the journey.
  • Wear Proper Clothes: Put on comfortable shoes and light, breathable apparel. Sunglasses and a hat can also help shield you from the sun. If you plan to spend a lot of time outside, you must use sunscreen.

8. Hire Professional Movers

  • Benefits of Professional Movers: Relocating might be considerably less stressful if you hire expert movers. Complete services, such as packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking, are provided by businesses like Coast Valley Moving. Expert movers possess the knowledge and tools necessary to manage your possessions in a secure and effective manner.
  • Check the Credentials: Verify the licensing and insurance status of the moving business you select. In the event of damage or loss during the relocation, this safeguards your possessions. You may choose a trustworthy mover by reading reviews and getting referrals.

9. Final Preparations and Moving Day

  • Perform a Final Walkthrough: Make one last walkthrough before departing from your former residence to make sure nothing is forgotten. Examine every space, including the outdoors, cupboards, and closets. Ensure the property is in good condition for the upcoming occupants and tidy up any leftover mess now.
  • Stay Organized on Moving Day: Keys, your basics box, and critical documents should all be kept handy. Prior to moving day, create a checklist to make sure everything is done. Make sure everything runs smoothly by having open communication with your moving crew.

10. Settling into Your New Home

  • First, unpack the necessities: Unpack the necessities package first so you can get settled in right away. Room by room, slowly unpack, beginning with the rooms that are most vital, such as the kitchen and bedrooms.
  • Explore Your New Community: Visit your new neighborhood for a while. Find the grocery stores, pharmacies, parks, and other facilities in the area. Getting to know your new neighbors can also make you feel more a part of the neighborhood and at home.

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