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    When looking for the best storage solutions in Southern California, it’s imperative to look for moving and storage companies offering flexible, affordable solutions that work for you and your family or business. That’s where Coast Valley Moving & Storage comes in. With secure locations in San Clemente and Newport Beach, we’re here to give you the most accessible and most secure storage experience possible, whether just looking for short-term storage options between leases or long-term for items that don’t work with your new space.  

    Top Moving & Storage Company in Southern California

    When you choose Coast Valley as your storage provider, you’ll not only have secure options that will keep your items safe but also have a team of experts on your side who will be there for you every step of the way. Our facilities are equipped for storage needs of any kind so that you can get the solutions you need at the prices you want.  

    An added benefit of choosing Coast Valley Moving & Storage as your storage provider comes in the form of our decades of experience in both moving and storage and our proven track record of making moving and storage easy for those in San Clemente, Newport Beach, and beyond. When you’re looking for secure, affordable storage solutions, Coast Valley Moving & Storage is the answer to your search. 

    Residential Storage Solutions in Southern California

    Whether moving to a new home and needing to store items in between leases or before your home is move-in ready, looking to store personal items during renovations, or just needing a space to keep household items or equipment you don’t have room for, Coast Valley Moving & Storage has the right solutions for you.  

    Most Commonly Stored Residential Items:

    Our secure warehouse lets you store your items with the peace of mind of knowing your items will be kept safe from theft or inclement weather conditions. We also offer flexible leasing terms and short and long-term lease lengths so that you can store your items for as little or as long as you need to without having to pay for any time you won’t need. Additionally, our affordable rates make storing your items easy for any time period—without breaking the bank in the process.  

    Commercial Storage Solutions in Southern California

    For businesses or offices in need of secure storage solutions, Coast Valley Moving & Storage offers flexible options to fit your needs and protect your inventory. Our commercial storage services are designed to accommodate a range of industries and requirements with affordability, quality of service and reliability in mind.  

    Most Commonly Stored Commercial Items:

    Our facilities offer the ideal solutions for your establishment, from storing furniture to inventory to important documents.  

    Why Choose Coast Valley Moving & Storage?

    From affordability to reliability, there are many reasons to choose Coast Valley Moving & Storage for all of your storage needs in San Clemente, Newport Beach, and beyond.  

    Having dependable storage services from one of the most trusted moving and storage companies in Southern California lets you organize your home, move without stress, or get your business decluttered without having to worry about price or any extra hoops to jump through.  

    Coast Valley Makes Southern California Storage Easy

    At Coast Valley Moving & Storage, we know that every moving or storage process is as unique as each of our clients. That’s why we go above and beyond to give you the most straightforward storage experience possible, whether you’re looking for short-term residential storage options or long-term commercial ones. We’ll tailor your storage solutions to fit your needs and will always go the extra mile to ensure the safety of your household items, business inventory, or equipment.  

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