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What to Bring with You During Your Move

Published In : 21-10-2023

Keeping lists while navigating your way through the moving process is a must. Changing orange county movers in time to schedule a perfect time to transfer your items are all obvious. But what about moving day – what is it you need to bring with you on your journey over to your new place? Certain items need to stay out of the packed boxes so you have them handy. The following items are what you want to remember to bring unpacked with you during your move.

1. ID’s – You always want to have your id handy. Whether it is your license for driving over to your new residence or your passport if you are flying internationally. ID’s are always important to have on your person.

2. Valuables – Although your local Orange County residential movers are experienced and careful professionals certain valuables should still be kept with you. Things that you feel wouldn’t be moved well. Like your fathers purple heart or other small keepsakes that might get misplaced in the shuffle.

3. Snacks – Remember to keep snacks out so you have something to munch on during the move.

4. Money – Always remember to keep cash on you when you are moving. Since many things are packed away you want to be able to access money quickly in case of emergency.

5. Checkbook, Credit Cards etc – Number 5 is similar number 4. In case of emergency you want to be able to have fast access to valuable belongings, checkbook, debit cards as well as security lock boxes etc. These are also things you don’t want to be lost during your move.

6. Change of clothes – Remember to keep out all of your daily essentials that you will need during move out day. A good tip is to pack a sort of overnight bag this way you can be ready and out the door the morning of the move.

Please feel free to share your tips on what to keep with you when moving in the comments section !