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Safe Summer Moving with Pets

Published In : 20-07-2023

The heat and humidity of an Orange County summer can be rough on humans. Now imagine that you are like many household pets and have to wear a fur coat in such stifling weather!  For many family pets, this is exactly the case, and special considerations need to be made so that your beloved pets can be happy and healthy, even if you’re moving in Orange County in the heat. Here, your friends at Coast Valley Moving have put together a list of helpful tips that can keep all of your pets cool and calm during your summer Orange County relocation.

Keep pets cool, inside and out.

Having water on hand – no matter where you are – is always extremely important for your pets in the heat. If your pets won’t be in an air conditioned space, make sure to always have plenty of access to shaded areas available. In addition to these tactics, you could also fill up a small tub or play pool for your pets to keep cool outside. For relief from the heat on-the-go, you can purchase a cooling body wrap, vest or mat, which stay cool for up to three days.

Monitor the humidity on hot days.

In addition to the ambient temperature, humidity is a huge consideration when considering the well-being of your pets. Animals pant to evaporate moisture and cool off, but if the humidity is too high, they can’t cool themselves properly. This could lead to overheating and other consequences that can seriously affect the health of your pet. Always limit a pet’s exercise in the heat and take extra precautions to keep pets cool if the humidity is high.

Never, ever leave pets in a parked car.

Using fans or keeping the windows open has little effect on the overall temperate of the interior of a car. On a warm day, car temperatures can reach dangerous levels in a matter of minutes, which can lead to irrevocable damage or even death for your pets. Keep your pets outside on a leash, with ample access to shade and water if they cannot be kept indoors during hot weather. If you are traveling long distances with your pets, be sure and keep the air conditioning running and take frequent breaks for fresh air.

Moving in Orange County during the summer heat can be taxing on humans AND animals. Make sure that you always take the necessary precautions to keep all members of your family happy and healthy. Call Coast Valley Moving for more information or to get started on your next Orange County move!