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Moving With Household Plants in Mind

By Coast Valley Moving on February 26

Now we don’t all have that sought after green thumb but many people do like to keep plants in and around the home. This practice has many benefits including improving health and breathing as well as air purification; not to mention they are pretty easy on the eyes. Plants are delicate living things that rely on us to care for them. So when we decide to move residences we want to make sure to take very good care as to not disturb the ecosystem that it lives in. As experienced Orange County movers we have seen and moved thousands of plants. And through the years we have come up with some stellar tips to keep those plants intact and happy. Take a look at our 5 tips for moving plants.

1. Research – When moving long distances whether that is internationally or between states you always want to look up the rules in your new destination. Many places have restrictions on different types of plants because they are considered an invasive species and if gotten out can wreak havoc on the local ecosystem.

2. Choosing a Professional – Some movers don’t cover damage that happens to plants because they are so incredibly fragile. Make sure to talk to your moving coordinator about any plants you may have.

3. Sturdy Containers – Make sure when moving plants whether on your own or using a professional you use strong sturdy boxes/containers. Once potted plants are put into the container place bubble wrap between as to reduce shock. You want to check the top heaviness of these containers as well.

4. Check the weather – Especially with strictly indoor plants you need to make sure they have as little time outside as possible as to not shock their systems with a different temperature.

5. Cover with Plastic – Cover your plants with plastic when the actual move happens. This will prevent breakage as well as shield from temperature and weather differences.

Plants are a very important part of your home environment and are just as fragile as an antique. As Household movers in Orange County we have experience moving countless fragile items. Call us today to discuss your move with a moving coordinator!

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