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Moving With Household Plants in Mind

Now we don’t all have that sought after green thumb but many people do like to keep plants in and around the home.  This practice has many benefits including improving health and breathing as well as air purification; not to mention they are pretty easy on the eyes.   Plants are delic...

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Moving Elderly Family Members

Moving an elderly loved one can seem like an overwhelming venture.  Change is often hard on the older members of the family.  To ease your transition we have come up with some tips from our years of service as San Clemente movers. 1. Involvement – You want to make sure involvement is con...

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What to Bring with You During Your Move

Keeping lists while navigating your way through the moving process is a must.  Changing residences can be daunting and lists and organization will be your best friend. Packing your boxes early and calling your orange county movers in time to schedule a perfect time to transfer your items are al...

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