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Safe Secure Household Storage in San Clemente

Spring is just around the corner and to prepare for barbecue season you've decided to remodel your home. Or perhaps you're already ready for some spring cleaning, and you're excited to take back your garage or make more space in your home. Whatever your plans are, you can depEnd on Coast Valley Movi...

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Challenges of Long Distance Moves and the Solutions

So you’re thinking about moving to the other End of the state or across the country. As exciting as this transition is, it’s important you take a moment to consider the challenges this type of relocation presents. This is no ordinary move down the street or to the next town over; it takes much more...

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We’ll Minimize the Downtime of Your Office Move

Imagine the stress of a household move and multiply it by ten. That’s what you can expect when relocating your office with a sub-par moving company. With all of the furniture, sensitive electronics and documents you’ll need to relocate, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best when selec...

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Long Distance Winter Moving from Southern California

When you've been living in southern California, weather isn't always on your mind. Nice dry heat, blue skies, and sunshine together make the prospect of moving seem quite seamless and stress-free. There's often little need to be concerned with heavy rains or snow, but often overlooking the weather c...

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Reliable Moving No Matter the Size

When your relocation is coming up, it can be a little intimidating. Even more so if your particular move involves a large household. We're talking BIG. From children and pets, to elders and extEnded family, no matter how large your San Clemente household move is, you can have peace of mind that our...

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San Clemente Movers Relocate Your Entire Staff

As if moving your entire business isn’t stressful enough, having to relocate your staff just adds to your stress. You have enough of your own tasks to focus on, so the last thing you need is to overwhelm yourself and your business by taking charge of coordinating the household moves of your employee...

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Short- and Long-Term Storage in Southern California

Every person will experience a need for storage solutions at one point in their life. Whether it’s needed during a move or required throughout the course of a home renovation, you’ll eventually find yourself in a situation that requires storage. With warehouses in San Clemente and Newport Beach, Coa...

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Residential Interstate Moving Made Easy

Making the decision to move across state lines can be an incredibly exciting time for you and your loved ones. The ability to relocate to a new community is a great way to experience a “change of scenery” and have new beginnings. However, coordinating the details of an interstate move can be complex...

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Reviews for Orange County Movers

As southern California’s professional movers, we at Coast Valley Moving & Storage take pride in the services we provide and the satisfaction of our customers. And like any business, word-of-mouth, recommEndations and online reviews matter. They show the world who we are and lets our moving team...

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Why You Should Disassemble Furniture Before a Move

It’s moving day, you have a large couch and instead of disassembling it, you think it’s easier to maneuver it through the door. You think you have the perfect angle, so you push the giant cushiony apparatus to the other side. Things get a bit rocky, but you manage to successfully get it into your li...

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